Tadbir Sahel Pars consulting engineers company's activities have started since Jan.2004 and concurrent with done activities in the field of retrofitting, structure, rail way, jetty construction, marine structures and road construction, the qualification of the company was confirmed by management & planning organization in Iran.

 By developing the activities and experts recruitment in different fields, the managing board determined to have the other qualification certificate from managing & planning organization, in the end, achieved certificates in 2013 are as below:

1- Grade 2 in industrial, Military, commercial and residential buildings.

2- Grade 1 in marine structures and Jetty construction.

3- Grade 1 in retrofitting (urbanization group)

4- Grade 1 in structure

5- Grade 3 in railroad

6- Grade 3 in road construction

And now, this company is going to gain the more proficiency grade in field of Gas & oil refinery and upgrade the mentioned grades. This company with his active and experienced experts try to achieve the position as skillful, creative and motivated consulting engineers company in the world and consider the strategies as below:

a. Useful and effective relationship and negotiation with consulting engineers.

b. Try to undertake the roles usefully.

c. Updating the sciences and use the global experiences suitably.

d. Recruiting and training experts.

e. Research and study in professional fields and updated related topics.

Identification of opportunities, activities and doing the projects in the world

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